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Classic facial treatments in Villach



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We offer classic non-invasive facial treatments for women and men in Villach. With a regular facial, you'll achieve a visible improvement in the complexion of your skin. Already after the first treatment you'll be able to see noticeable improvements in your skin texture. In the long run, you can expect significant enhancement of the entire appearance of your facial skin.

There are many different types of cosmetic treatments for the face. The special thing about facial treatments is that, depending on the customer, the treatment is specially adapted to the needs of the skin. If the customer suffers from impure skin, the focus of the treatment is on that. If an anti-aging effect is to be achieved, the corresponding active ingredients can be adjusted.

With the wide range of masks and facial treatments on offer, it is of course very tempting to choose a new method again and again. In order to achieve long-term results, a consultation is really important. Then we can tailor the treatment to the needs of your skin.

Classic facials + prices:
Klassisce Gesichtsbehandlunen
- Dry Skin

1 hr - 79€ (for women & men)  

- Exclusively customized for dry skin

Air-conditioned or overheated rooms, sun, wind, car and air travel - there are countless situations in which the skin loses moisture. Especially when your skin is naturally dry, you need consistent and daily care!  With a lipid and moisture deficit, even young skin tends to dryness wrinkles, the skin elasticity is significantly reduced, the complexion looks pale and the skin loses its natural radiance. This treatment is an absolute moisture booster for dry skin. Dry skin facial is tailor-made care for dry, lipid-deficient as well as dry, moisture-deficient skin. The skin is provided with intensive and long-lasting moisture, the hydrolipidic  - responsible for the moisture content of the skin - is strengthened, dryness wrinkles are reduced and the skin becomes radiant, smooth and visibly refreshed.

Skin cleansing with creamy cleanser  Tonic  Eye protection Deep cleansing / peeling (mild or enzyme) Сleansing with BHA serum (if necessary)  Hyaluron ampoule and anti-swelling eye ampoule (optional) Moisturizing active ingredient complex / serum Deep-acting hydro mask / dermafleece collagen Mask / peel off mask (algae / spirulina / argan oil) / cream mask (hydro or pomegranate) / biocellulose mask / hydrogel eye mask Massage UV protection Eye care Moisturizing serum Hyaluronic acid / moisturizing day care.

- Sensitive Skin


1 hr - 79€ (for women & men) 


- Exclusively customized for sensitive skin

The scratching scarf on the neck, a reddened face just because it is very windy outside or a sudden reaction of the skin to the favourite cream... If our skin no longer fulfils its protective function, it feels unpleasant on the skin. Feelings of tension, skin redness and brittle skin that itches or burns are often the result. If the skin barrier is damaged, even a healthy skin reacts to external influences such as stress and environmental impacts - regardless of age or skin type. Proper care of sensitive skin means, on the one hand, alleviating the skin irritations and, on the other hand, stabilising the skin’s protective barrier. This treatment fulfils both requirements thanks to two innovative active ingredient complexes made from plant extracts that complement each other perfectly. The result: measurably reduced skin sensitivity, a strengthened skin barrier, reduced skin redness and significantly more resiliant skin.

Skin cleansing with gentle cleansing products  Soothing tonic  Eye protection Deep cleansing / peeling (mild or enzyme) → Soothing ampoule → Intensively calming active ingredient complex / serum  Intensively soothing mask / Dermafleece collagen mask / Peel Off Mask (Aloe / Spirulina) / Biocellulose Mask / Hydrogel eye mask Massage → UV protection → Eye care → Intensively calming serum → Intensive soothing day care.

- Oily Skin #1


1 hr 30 mins - 89€ (for women & men) 


- Exclusively customized for oily, impure skin caused by acne oleosa (the oily-moist skin condition of more youthful skin)

For gentle deep cleansing of impure skin. Skin prone to impurities requires particularly gentle yet thorough cleansing. This treatment was specially tailored to the needs of impure skin and ensures a particularly thorough deep cleansing of the skin. Highly effective active ingredients such as fruit acids, salicylic acid, anti-sebum active ingredients and microsilver ensure a quick and visible improvement in the complexion, regulate sebum production and thoroughly dissolve excess skin fat, horny skin and dirt particles. The skin is optimally prepared for the following care products and inflammation, pimples and blackheads are prevented. The treatment leaves the skin feeling wonderfully clean and fresh!

Skin cleansing with AHA + BHA cleansing products  Toning  Eye Care → Deep cleansing / Exfoliating with AHA + BHA exfoliator → Cleansing with BHA serum  BHA active ingredient complex / retinol ampoule concentrate  Clarifying and matting intensive mask / dermafleece collagen mask (aloe vera) / black detox bubble mask / dead sea black mask  Hydrogel eye mask → UV protection Final eye care → Microsilver serum  AHA / mattifying day care.

- Oily Skin #2


1 hr - 79€ (for women & men) 

- Exclusively customized for dry-oily skin affected by acne sicca (typical for mature oily skin)

Blemished skin isn't just a teenage problem! Because even at the age of 30+, the skin can be prone to pimples and comedones - a complexion that is often very troublesome for those affected. After all, flawless skin is one of the beauty ideals of our time. But what to do with pimples? Increased sebum production and excessive bacterial colonization of the skin flora are considered to be causes of impure skin. It is crucial to bring the oily, blemish-prone skin back to its normal state and to fight blemishes locally. This treatment is based on clarifying and soothing combinations of active ingredients that achieve an immediately visible and lasting improvement in the complexion. The needs of mature, blemished skin are very different from those of youthful skin. From cleansing to care to special products, every impure skin finds its individual care routine. Highly effective active ingredients such as fruit acids, salicylic acid, anti-sebum ingredients and microsilver ensure a quick and visible improvement of the skin's appearance.

Skin cleansing with clarifying cleaning gel  Toning  Eye care → Deep cleansing / peeling with enzyme peeling powder → Cleansing with BHA Serum  Retinol Ampoule Concentrate → Cream Mask with Exotic Fruit Mix / Dermafleece Collagen Mask (Aloe Vera) / Black Detox Bubble Mask / Dead Sea Black Mask  Hydrogel eye mask  Massage (if possible) → UV protection → Final eye care → Microsilver serum  Retinol / AHA day care.

- Combination Skin


1 hr - 79€ (for women & men) 

- Exclusively customized for combination skin type

Partial sebum gland hyperactivity is the main cause of combination skin. Sebum gland hyperfunction generally occurs due to a predisposition. However, hormonal changes, medications, etc. may also lead to increased sebum production. Occurrence during puberty and occasionally also the menopause is not therefore infrequent. The skin's pores become enlarged as a result of increased sebum production. If excessive hornification is also added, so-called sebum plugs are formed. These occur in the form of open blackheads, which have a natural secretory duct, but also as closed blackheads which lie beneath the epidermis and are encapsulated. In the most unfavorable scenario, these sebum plugs may become inflamed. Particularly if they are squeezed improperly. Irrespective of this, the increased sebum production leads to an unattractive oily sheen in the central area of the face, whilst the dry side areas appear brittle and may feel unpleasantly taut. These symptoms are additionally susceptible to seasonal fluctuations, i.e. the skin appears oilier in the summer and drier in the winter. The treatment of combination skin therefore requires active substance preparations which act to balance the skin's natural functions and are highly-moisturizing so that a balanced and silky-matte skin profile is achieved.

Skin cleansing with gentle cleaning powder  Tonic  Eye protection → Deep cleaning / peeling with AHA + BHA exfoliator or with enzyme peeling mask → Cleansing with BHA serum (if necessary)  Retinol (for oily skin) / Hyaluron (for dry skin) ampoule and Anti-puffiness eye ampoule (optional)  Dermafleece collagen mask / Peel Off Mask (Olive / Spirulina) / Moor Cream Mask / Biocellulose Mask / Black Detox Bubble Mask / Hydrogel eye mask → Massage → UV protection → Eye care → BHA / Microsilver Serum for oily and impure skin; Moisturizing Serum for dry skin  Tinted balancing day care.

- Demanding Skin


1 hr - 79€  (for women & men) 


- Exclusively customized for demanding skin

Demanding skin is not a question of age! Because not only our age determines the aging process of our skin. Environmental factors such as UV radiation, stress or an unhealthy diet can also lead to a lack of skin stability, loss of elasticity and resilience even at a young age. The skin appears pale, tired and prone to dryness. Each care product applied throughout the treatment is characterised by a balanced lipid and moisture content and thus supports the natural skin function. Even with external factors such as dry air, heat or cold, demanding skin remains supple and resistant. Active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin, replenish its moisture depots and stabilise its protective function. The result is a much more vital, youthfully fresh and rosy skin!

Skin cleansing with brightening facial cleanser  Activation (optional) → Eye protection (optional)  Enzym deep cleansing / intensive facial peeling  Cleansing with BHA Serum (if necessary)  Anti-aging ampoule  Vitaforce C or retinol active ingredient complex / serum → Rich energy mask for demanding skin / Dermafleece collagen mask / Peel Off Mask (Spirulina / Goji / Argan Oil) / Anti-aging or pomegranate cream mask / Thermal mask / biocellulose mask / Hydrogel eye mask → Massage  UV protection → Eye care  Vitaforce C Serum → Day care.

- Mature Skin


1 hr - 79€ (for women & men) 

Exclusively customized for mature skin

The unique, luxurious anti-aging treatment is the tailor-made care solution for mature skin. Based on powerful, natural ingredients that interact optimally with the latest technologies, this innovative care does not ignore any signs of skin aging. Whether wrinkles, pale skin, loss of elasticity or pigment spots: this treatment activates the skin's natural renewal process and optically conceals small imperfections. An absolute anti-aging care experience - for a youthfully fresh, radiant complexion and firmer, more even skin!

Skin cleansing with multi-action cleansing balm or with luxury oil cleanser Micellar Tonic  Activation (optional) → Eye protection (optional)  Deep cleansing / peeling with enzyme peel or with thermo peel mask cranberry  Cleansing with BHA Serum (if necessary)  Anti-aging ampoule  Anti-aging active ingredient complex / serum → Regenerating mask / Dermafleece collagen mask / Peel Off Mask (Acerola Vitamin C / Argan Oil) / Cream mask / Thermal mask / Biocellulose mask / Hydrogel eye mask → Massage  UV protection → Eye care  Anti-Aging Serum  Anti-aging day care.

- Gentleman: Basic

1 hr - 65€ (for men)

- Facial treatment customized exclusively for men, incl. deep pore cleansing

Men's skin differs fundamentally from that of women. Men therefore require care that suits their own needs. 

The sex hormone testosterone is responsible for the fact that men have 20 percent thicker skin than women. At the same time, men's skin has a higher permeability in the protective barrier, which makes it more vulnerable. Men's skin, which is usually well supplied with blood, is particularly stressed by the ultraviolet rays of the sun and the daily shaving of the beard. Due to a large number of sebaceous glands, men's skin usually produces twice as much sebum every day as women's skin, which has far fewer sebaceous glands. This often makes the skin look coarse-pored and greasy and is also the reason why men often have to contend with impurities.

This facial treatment is suitable for all skin types. Impurities such as blackheads, pimples and milia are removed. Special products are used that are exclusively tailored to the needs of men's skin.

Skin cleansing with cleansing products  Peeling and steaming  Deep pore cleansing  Plucking the eyebrows  Mask depending on skin type  Final care.

- Gentleman: Oily / Dry skin


1 hr - 79€ (for men)


- Intensely moisturizing facial treatment developed exclusively for men with oily / dry skin

Skin cleansing with cleansing products → Refreshment with tonic → Enzyme Peeling → AHA + BHA Exfoliator → Eyebrow correction → Active ingredient complex: moisturizing serum or hyaluron ampoule concentrate → Mask depending on skin type (oily / dry skin) or Peel Off Algae / Olive Mask or Dermafleece Collagen Mask / Eye hydrogel mask → Massage with hyaluronic cream → Eyes final care  Men's day care.

- Gentleman: Demanding Skin


1 hr - 79€ (for men)


- Anti-aging facial treatment developed exclusively for men with demanding skin

Skin cleansing with cleansing products → Refreshment with tonic → Enzyme Peeling → AHA + BHA Exfoliator → Eyebrow correction  Vitaforce C skin active ingredient complex or anti-wrinkle booster ampoule concentrate → Mask for demanding skin / peel off acerola vitamin C / dermafleece collagen mask / Eye hydrogel mask → Massage with Vitaforce C cream → Final care - eye area  Men's day care.

- Gentleman: Sensitive Skin


1 hr - 79€ (for men)

- Facial treatment designed exclusively for men with sensitive skin

Skin cleansing with cleansing products → Refreshment with tonic → Enzyme Peeling → AHA + BHA Exfoliator → Eyebrow correction  Intensively calming active ingredient complex or anti-couperose ampoule concentrate → Mask for demanding skin / peel off aloe de-stress / dermafleece collagen aloe vera mask / Eye hydrogel mask Massage with intensely calming cream → Final care - eye area  Men's day care.

- Gentleman: Impure Skin


1 hr 30 minutes - 89€ (for men)

- Facial treatment developed exclusively for men with impure skin

Almost everyone suffers from impure skin at least once in their life. Most people are affected during puberty, when hormonal changes affect the complexion. For many men, however, skin blemishes remain a significant problem in adulthood. Dermatologists speak of so-called "late acne". The aim of the treatment is to reduce sebum production, normalize the keratinization process, fight bacteria and control the inflammatory reaction. By combining medical-cosmetic treatments with products tailored to your skin type, it can be decisively improved.

This treatment begins with the professional cleaning of the skin. In addition to the intensive cleansing, this includes disinfection and the opening and extracting the blocked sebaceous follicles in order to prepare your skin for the absorption of the necessary active ingredients.

Skin cleansing with cleansing products → Refreshment with tonic  AHA + BHA Exfoliator → Eyebrow correction  BHA active ingredient complex or retinol ampoule concentrate → Mask for Oily Skin or Cream Mask / Peel Off Dead Sea Black Mask / Dermafleece Collagen Mask / Black Detox Bubble Mask / Eye hydrogel mask  Massage with retinol cream (if possible) → Final care - eye area  Men's day care.

- Detox


1 hr 30 mins - 99€ (for women & men) 


- Rich care facial with active ingredients to support the cellular detoxification systems. For a radiant and even complexion!

Thanks to highly effective active substances, Detox facial supports the cell's own detoxification systems and prevents oxidative cell damage. The rich texture with a lipid content of 31% is perfect for dry skin. During the treatment, two innovative active ingredients derived from yeast and avocado are applied, which have been proven to increase the activity level of the cells. The skin's purifying mechanisms are supported and deposits are broken down. Vitamin C isopalmitate and vitamin E acetate also protect the skin from oxidative stress. Age spots are reduced and the complexion becomes visibly fresher and revitalized. The result: an even and youthfully radiant complexion!

Skin cleansing with AHA + BHA cleansing products  Brightening tonic  Eye protection → Deep cleaning / peeling with brightening exfoliator or with AHA + BHA exfoliator → Cleansing with BHA Serum (if necessary)  Detox Ampoule  Dermafleece collagen mask / Peel Off Spirulina Mask / Brightening cream mask / Biocellulose Mask / Black Detox Bubble Mask / Hydrogel eye mask → Massage → UV protection → Eye care  Detox day care.

- Platinum Care


1 hr 30 mins - 109€ (for women & men) 

- The luxurious culmination of anti-aging care and an absolute pampering experience in a class of its own!

Thanks to the latest findings in anti-aging research, eternal youth is within reach, so to speak, because Platinum Care is a unique rejuvenating treatment for the skin. The skin feels the unique effect of the innovative Platinum-MP-Complex - based on the rare and very valuable raw material platinum and the highest quality active ingredients from nature, biotechnology and synthesis, which ensure maximum skin regeneration. This treatment convinces with a double anti-aging effect: The skin surface is visibly smoothed immediately and at the same time a long-term deep effect in the skin tissue is achieved. The luxurious texture and elegant fragrance also pamper the skin and senses. 

Skin cleansing with multi-action cleansing balm or with luxury oil cleanser  Micellar tonic  Revitalizing face mask (optional)  Platinum Care eye protection (optional)  Deep cleansing / peeling with enzyme peel or with thermo peel mask cranberry  Ampoule  Platinum Care active ingredient complex / serum  Dermafleece collagen mask / Peel Off Mask (Acerola Vitamin C / Argan Oil) / Cream mask / Thermal mask / Biocellulose mask / Hydrogel eye mask → Massage  UV protection  Platinum eye care Platinum Care serum  Platinum Care day care.

- Deep Pore Cleansing


1 hr - 65€ (for women & men)

- Reducing overproduction of sebum for a matte finish

The process of a deep cleansing facial undergoes a series of steps to ensure that the skin is receiving the care it needs. This treatment eliminates toxins, dirt and oil buildup, bacteria, and any other unwanted materials found in the skin. The process of thoroughly cleansing the skin benefits most people, most especially people who are experiencing terrible acne breakout, skin aging, blackhead and whitehead buildup, and the like. It also exfoliates the skin deeply, which helps in unclogging the pores to let the skin breathe.

Skin cleansing with cleansing products  Peeling dep. on skin type  Steaming  Deep cleansing of the pores  Skin soothing mask  LED lamp   Final care.


1 hr - 55€  (This special price - €55 - only applies to the individuals who have not yet reached the age of 18. Adults are advised to book the deep pore cleansing facial instead)

- to extract the clogged pores, release excess sebum and remove impurities

Excessive sebum production easily leads to enlarged and clogged pores, blackheads and micro-inflammation. This is why oily skin often has an impure complexion. We offer you a tailor-made sebum-regulating, pore-reducing and anti-inflammatory treatment. The skin complexion is refined and appears even and velvety soft.

Skin cleansing with cleansing products  Peeling and steaming  Deep pore cleansing  High frequency current  Skin soothing mask   LED lamp  Final care.

- Anti-Acne Back


1 hr - 65€ (for women & men)

Skin cleansing with cleansing products  Peeling and steaming  Deep cleansing  Mask.

- Fruit Acid Peeling

1 hr - 65€ (for women & men)

- A large number of clinical studies and publications have proven the beneficial effects on the most common skin problems: mature skin; dry skin; oily, impure skin; acne-prone skin; combination skin, oily T-zone; sensitive and/or sun-sensitive skin; dehydrated skin; fine, superficial skin folds; sun damaged skin; pigment irregularities of the skin; pigment spots caused by the sun or medication containing estrogen; rough skin on upper arms and thighs; eye wrinkles; dry, cracked skin; ingrown hairs on the legs; flaky body skin

Even Cleopatra knew the nurturing and rejuvenating effect of fruit acids by using milk and wine for bathing. Today, fruit acid is an integral part of modern medical cosmetics. Fruit acids, also called AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) or PHAs (Poly Hydroxy Acids), are naturally produced acids. They consist of the smallest molecules and can therefore penetrate the skin optimally. They act like a gentle peeling: the cornified and dead uppermost cells are increasingly shed and the formation of new cells is stimulated. The glycolic acid enables the top layer of skin to be sloughed off (peeling effect). The skin activates its renewal powers and regenerates itself quickly. The underlying layer is strengthened and the skin becomes more elastic, firmer and younger. The peel is suitable for all skin types.

Skin cleansing with cleansing products Tonic Protection of sensitive skin areas (e.g. lips, moles, permanent make-up or microblading) with Vaseline/protective cream Applying Peel Booster and leaving on for 2 minutes Applying 20% or 30% fruit acid peeling onto the skin, massaging in and leaving to work Removing peeling Neutralization Final care eEye care Day care with SPF.

Additional option: fleece mask with ultrasound / LED lamp, depending on skin type.

- Caviar


1 hr 30 mins - 99€ (for women & men) 

Black gold for the skin: Rich anti-aging care with caviar extract. Experience luxury with the exceptional skin-smoothing and regenerating effects.

The rich luxurious treatment gives the skin an extraordinary radiance. The anti-aging caviar extract gives it a smooth appearance. Its gets more volume once again. Lines and wrinkles appear padded. Natural skin regeneration is strengthened and supported. Luxurious intensive care with a caviar mask regenerates immediately. The moisture depots of your skin are replenished in a long-lasting and noticeable way. The fresh caviar cells assimilated by the skin tissues not only stimulate the formation of collagen I, the most important protein supporting the extracellular matrix that ensures the firmness and support of the skin structure. They also increase the formation of collagen III and thus improve the elasticity, resilience and firmness of the skin.

Skin cleansing with multi-action cleansing balm or with luxury oil cleanser  Micellar Tonic  Revitalizing mask (optional) → Eye protection  Deep Cleansing / Exfoliation (Enzyme / Thermo Cranberry Mask)  Cleaning with BHA Serum (if necessary)  Caviar ampoule and Anti-puffiness eye ampoule (optional)  Dermafleece collagen caviar mask / Peel Off Argan Oil Mask / Hydrogel eye mask → Massage with Caviar luxury cream  UV protection  Platinum eye care  Platinum Serum → Day care with caviar cream.

- Anti-Pigment


1 hr 30 mins - 89€ (for women & men) 

- Exclusive brightening care against pigment spots

Skin cleansing with Melafadin cleaning powder  Melafadin Tonic  Eye protection → Deep cleansing / peeling with brightening exfoliator or with AHA + BHA exfoliator → Cleansing with BHA serum (if necessary)  2-phase melafadin ampoule → Massage  Brightening mask → Melafadine ampoule Brightening mask / Dermafleece collagen mask / Peel Off Mask / Hydrogel eye mask → Massage → Eye care → Brightening day care with SPF 20.

- Epigenetic


1 hr 30 mins - 99€ (for women & men) 


- Exclusive facial treatment to reduce the epigenetic modification of the skin cells by external influences and to improve the stress resistance and vitality of the skin cells

Skin cleansing with brightening facial cleanser  Brightening tonic  Eye protection → Enzyme deep cleansing / peeling → Cleansing with BHA serum (if necessary)  Anti-puffiness eye ampoule (optional)  Epigenetic drug complex / Serum  Dermafleece collagen mask / Peel Off Argan Oil Mask / Biocellulose Mask / Hydrogel eye mask → Massage → UV protection → Eye care  Epigenetic Serum  Vitaforce C day care.

- Anti-Pollution


1 hr - 89€ (for women & men) 


- Strengthening of the skin's microbiome, protection against digital skin aging and building a protective shield against negative environmental influences. The natural balance of the acid skin protective layer is restored and the skin becomes more resistant

Skin cleansing with gentle cleansing mousse  Gentle, soothing tonic  Enzym Deep cleaning / peeling  Cleansing with BHA Serum  PROBIOTICS Pro-Immune drug complex  Dermafleece collagen mask / Peel Off Mask (Coji Anti-Oxidant / Aloe De-Stress / Snow Algae) / Moorcreme Mask / Hydrogel eye mask → Massage with PROBIOTICS anti-pollution cream  UV protection (optional) → Eye care  PROBIOTICS Pro-Immune Serum  PROBIOTICS Anti-Pollution day care.

- Marine Collagen


1 hr 30 mins - 99€ (for women & men) 

- Application of collagen boosters specifically counteracts decreasing tissue strength and wrinkles. The rich formula of the applied ingredients supports the skin in three ways to increase its natural collagen content and makes it appear more youthful, fuller and firmer. Marine collagen provides a noticeable lifting effect on the skin. It lies on the skin like an invisible film, which binds moisture and thus plumps up fine wrinkles and lines.

Skin cleansing with brightening facial cleanser  Brightening tonic  Eye Care  Enzym Deep cleaning / peeling  Cleansing with BHA serum (if necessary)   Active substance complex / ampoule concentrate  Dermafleece Collagen Vitamin C Mask / Peel Off Acerola Vitamin C Mask / Pomegranate Cream Face Mask / Biocellulose Mask / Hydrogel eye mask → Massage  UV protection (optional) → Eye care → Serum  Marine collagen day care.

- Dermaplaning

1 hr - 90€ (for women & men)

- Removing dead skin cells and vellus hair with a blade

Dermaplaning not only removes the fine fluff, the so-called vellus hair, but also dead skin cells, leaving the complexion with a fresh glow. Dermaplaning is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure for women and men that helps to revitalize the facial skin and make it look fresher overall. A razor or a scalpel is passed over the facial area. With dermaplaning, many inconspicuous hairs on the face are shaved off and dead skin cells from the top layer of skin are removed. This triggers new skin cell formation and a revitalization process that leads to a significantly fresher and more vital complexion.

Skin cleansing with cleansing products  Enzyme peeling  Dermaplaning  Fleece mask  Hyaluron booster with ultrasound  UV protection  Final care.

-25% discount on every third dermaplaning facial treatment.

- Gold

1 hr 30 mins - 99€ (for women & men)

- facial treatment with sparkling champagne scent, pearl powder and pure gold

A particularly pampering facial treatment with a sparkling scent of champagne, pearl powder and pure gold, perfect for stressed skin in winter.

Skin cleansing with cleansing products  Peeling depending on skin type  Gum mask with real gold  Face and décolleté massage  Final care.

- Ocean Treasure

1 hour 30 minutes - 99€ (for women & men)

- Activating the in-house aquaporins in the outer layer of the epidermis

Especially in the warmer season, it is important that our skin is supplied with a particularly large amount of moisture and minerals. Because even if summer, sun and beach mean relaxation for us, this is not always just as relaxing for our skin. Various factors such as higher temperature, air humidity, sun and wind bring our skin out of balance. Swimming in fresh or salt water on hot summer days dries out the skin. This specially-tailored facial prepares skin for summer by deeply cleansing the skin to restore glow, leaving the skin supple, smooth and hydrated. 

Skin cleansing with cleansing products  Invigorating peeling with sea fennel  Deep pore cleansing  Refreshing algae mousse mask  Moisturising ampoule  Face and décolleté massage  Moisturising.

- Retinol Lift


1 hr 30 mins - 99€ (for women & men)


- Retinol is a form of vitamin A that is particularly effective for the skin. The proven superstar among anti-aging active ingredients activates the skin renewal processes, reduces wrinkles and makes the skin appear more even overall.

Skin cleansing with brightening facial cleanser  Brightening tonic → Eye care  Enzym Deep cleaning / peeling cleaning (if necessary)  Retinol Serum  Retinol mask → Massage with retinol cream  UV protection → Eye care  Retinol Day care.

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