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Makeup in Villach



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For most of the women, makeup is the most important tool in their everyday beauty armory. Makeup has become a vital part of our everyday lives. People opt for different makeup types for different occasions. There is a no-makeup makeup look for everyday glowing skin, there is smokey makeup for a party look, there is bridal makeup for wedding day looks and many more.

Makeup treatments + prices:
Make-Up Pr.
- Daytime makeup


30 min. - 35€ (for women)

- daytime makeup aims to provide you with a great daytime look by achieving matte eyeshadows and avoiding the dark or glittery eyes; using the eyeliner and applying the classic black for plums, greys and browns; contouring to slim the face and enhance the cheekbones; and choosing a lighter lip with a bit of shimmer. The daytime makeup will embrace soft lines, subdued shades, and a fresh face. 

Before applying makeup, we’ll clean your face and neck using a cleansing water and cotton pads. Next, we’ll massage in moisturizer. Dabbing a bit on the forehead, chin, cheeks, we’ll then smooth in upward, moving from the center out, until the moisturizer is completely absorbed. We’ll apply the foundation to your forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin, starting at the center and working outward.

We’ll use a brush to apply concealer only where needed: under the eyes, on the chin, on the T-zone, and around the nose. Using a brush, we’ll apply a cream eye shadow, blending the shadow into the socket line, but not all the way up to the eyebrows. With a small brush, we’ll trace a slim line of shadow along the bottom lash line to enhance the eyes. Using a tiny brush, we’ll apply a smudge of mascara, starting at the root and sweeping through the entire length, making sure to define every single lash. Applying two layers of mascara for the most fluttery effect, we’ll allow a few seconds between coats to let the pigment dry.

Then, we’ll fill in the eyebrows to frame the face. Choosing a color slightly paler than your natural color, we’ll fill in with light, feathery strokes to accentuate and elongate your features as much as possible. Now, using a clean mascara wand, we’ll brush out the brow hairs with light, feathery strokes. Using hands to dab it onto the apples of your cheeks, we’ll then blend up at an angle and out. We’ll dab your lips directly with the stick. With a thick brush, we’ll finally dust the T-zone with a loose setting powder to reduce shine.

Applying day-cream applying primer applying concealer fixing with powder bronzer and highlighter blush defining eyebrows eyeshadow eyeliner mascara lipstick.

- Evening makeup


45 min. - 45€ (for women)  

- to emphasise your eyes and / or lips to create a perfect look for evening - bolder and more dramatic than makeup you wear during the day.

As the first step to any makeup routine, we’ll start by cleaning your skin, removing all makeup in order to start fresh. Then, we’ll exfoliate your skin and lips. Immediately after cleansing, we’ll apply a moisturizer while your skin is still a little damp to retain moisture. If you have oily skin, we’ll smooth on a primer to help your foundation go on evenly and last all night. Applying foundation with a wet sponge will create a flawless, non-cakey finish. It will be followed with a concealer if you need extra coverage on blemishes or under your eyes. We’ll add contouring to give definition to your angles so that your face doesn't look flat.

Then, bronzer with a big fluffy brush along your jawbone and on your temples will be applied, and followed with a sweep just under your cheekbones. Depending on your request, we’ll put emphasis on either your eyes, on your mouth or both. The reason for this is that accentuating both features can look severe on some people. 


If you choose to emphasise your eyes, we’ll apply eyeliner, shadow, and mascara. We can balance this look by adding lip gloss or a subtle lipstick shade. To accentuate your lips instead of your eyes, we’ll polish your pout with a bold shade of lip liner and lipstick.

Applying evening-cream  applying primer  applying concealer  fixing with powder  bronzer and highlighter  blush  defining eyebrows  eyeshadow  eyeliner  mascara  lipstick.

-  Wedding (bridal) makeup


1.5 hours - 75€ (including trial make-up) (for women)


- our wedding makeup will create your bridal look that you envisioned on your wedding day. We’ll consider your wants and needs and use our knowledge of professional makeup application to enhance your natural beauty and to make sure that you feel confident and look nothing but stunning on your wedding day.

First, we’ll prep your skin with an oil-free primer to ensure that makeup stays glued to the skin all day. After prepping the skin, we’ll move on to foundation. To keep foundation from turning cakey throughout the day, we’ll mix in an illuminating moisturizer. It's an extra step that will help your skin glow. Then, we’ll apply concealer and add a bit of highlight to the high-points of the face, avoiding the tip of the nose. If your skin is oily or has a tendency to get shiny in some spots, we’ll go over the face with a sheer translucent powder to let the makeup adhere to the skin and to cancel out any greasiness. 

Applying moisturizer  primer  foundation  concealer  fixing with powder  bronzer and highlighter  blush  defining eyebrows  eyeshadow  eyeliner  waterproof mascara  lipstick.

- Makeup training


1 hour - 50€ (for women)

- makeup consultation to reveal basic make-up techniques (11-step-guide)


Makeup tips for anyone who wants to learn the basics of make-up applications. The training includes 11 steps in which you will learn the basic day and evening makeup techniques for all skin types. Makeup products and the brushes and sponges necessary for your workout are provided.

Applying foundation  eyes  lips  brushes and tools  the most important products  11 steps to perfect makeup.

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