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Manicure in Villach



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Beautiful, wrinkle-free, tender and well-cared hands make an impression. Since we use our hands all day long while working in an office or at home, we need to take proper care of them. Having neat manicure today is a part of the perfect female or male image, because people you meet often pay attention to your hands and nails’ condition and judge the overall accuracy of the person according to it. Therefore, if you want to create a pleasant impression, do not forget about getting regular manicure procedures

Maniküre Pr.

Manicure treatments + prices:
- Manicure without nail polish


30 min. - 35€ (for women & men)

- natural nail manicure that will push back cuticles, shape and buff your fingernails, giving bare nails glossy shine without polish.

We‘ll start with a regular trim and pushing back the cuticles, applying a cuticle remover around all three edges of your nail and allowing it to sit for a minute or two before rinsing off. Then we’ll use a cuticle tool to push back and buff away any dead skin bits. Grooming the cuticle will clean up the nail bed and help prevent hangnails. Then, we’ll use a nail file to lend shape and prevent a break from becoming worse (if any). Using a multisided buffer, we’ll perfect your nail game, giving bare nails glossy shine without any polish. With the buffing block we’ll gently rub the surfaces of each nail until they start to have a pretty shine in order to refine the surface of your nail. Now, we’ll apply a cuticle oil around the edges of your nails to help keep your newly tidy cuticles in check, help your nail grow, and amp up the natural shine. 

Skin and nails assessment  removing nail polish  nails shortening and shaping  nail bath  cuticle treatment  applying the nail care product  hand massage.

- Manicure with nail polish


45 min. - 30€ (for women)  

- includes the basic / traditional manicure process of filling and shaping the free edge of fingernails, pushing and clipping any nonliving tissue, and applying fingernail polish.

Our manicure with polish is a beauty treatment of the hands, where your nails will be cut, filed, and shaped. You will then have your cuticles pushed back and tidied, and then enjoy a hand massage. The final step will be the painting of the nails with a colour of your choice. For both men and women, manicures are excellent for maintaining healthy nails, cuticles and skin.

We may not always trim your nails; it depends on your current and desired nail length. If your nails are already relatively short, then filing will do just fine. If your nails are very long but you want them short for the manicure, then they will often be cut, then filed to your desired shape. We use nail files to gently take down and shape the edges of the nails. We’ll ask you what nail shape you would prefer, with the standards being round or square. There are many more nail shapes but these are the most common. It’s about aesthetic preferences and if you’re really not sure, just ask us what we think will suit your nails best. Cuticles are the dry skin surrounding the nail plate, where your nail and finger meet. Well use a cuticle remover to soften and remove the dead cuticle using a sterilised pusher and cuticle nipper. If you require more cuticle tidying please do not hesitate to let us know. In the case of men’s manicures or if you are not having polish, buffing will be the final step of your manicure. Using a nail buffer, we’ll polish the nail surface to create a consistent and shiny look.

Painting is done in multiple steps to attain a glossy and long-lasting result. A clear base coat is applied to your nails to help the polish stick better to your nails. It also creates a protective barrier between your nails and the damaging (staining, peeling and brittleness) effects of nail polish. The next step is to apply two coats of nail polish. One coat of polish often doesn’t give a salon-quality finish to it. And too many coats can get clumpy and messy. Finally, we’ll paint on a top coat. This coat acts to seal the coloured polish, which prevents chipping, and also gives your nails that desired glossy appearance.   

Skin and nails assessment  removing nail polish  nails shortening and shaping  nail bath  cuticle treatment, applying the nail care product  hand massage  applying nail polish.

- CND Shellac manicure 


1 hour - 40€ (for women)


- Shellac hardens under UV light to create a hard, glossy coat and is the only non-damaging, long-lasting polish (at least 14 days wear) that doesn't require soaking, filing or roughing of the natural nail.

Shellac manicure involves a multi-step process: a base and color coats are followed by a top coat, and the coats are cured with a UV light between each layer. This all adds up to a paint job that's superior to traditional manicures in several ways: they're glossier, last two weeks or longer without chipping, and don't have any dry time. 

Shellac is the only non-damaging, long-lasting polish that doesn’t require soaking, filing or roughing of the natural nail. In addition, every one of the polish colors in the collection are formulated to be thin and flexible — much like a regular nail polish — with a mirror finish that resists chipping and dullness for 14 or more days. Shellac manicure combines two types of polish - gel (so your manicure lasts long) and traditional polish (which gives your nails shine and a nice pop of color). The formulas bind together when the teeny molecules and larger molecules it’s comprised of are exposed to LED light, creating a shellac effect - hence the term: shellac nails.

Disinfecting the nail plate  Step 1 - base coat: applying a thin layer, leaving it dry under a UV lamp  Step 2 - color coat: applying the first layer, leaving it dry under a UV lamp, applying the second layer, leaving it dry under a UV lamp  Step 3 - top coat: applying a thin layer, leaving it dry under a UV lamp, removing the adhesive layer from the nail, treatment with oil. 

- CND-Shellac removal


30 min. -15€ (for women)

- special foil packaging with acetone, which is applied to the surface of the nail to remove shellac

When it comes to removal, CND Shellac should never be filed, peeled or scraped off. CND makes Foil Remover Wraps, which are presoaked in the remover (acetone-based, but is infused with macadamia and vitamin E oils to condition the nail and avoid damaging it or the surrounding skin) and target the nail plate directly when wrapped around the fingertips. Once the remover sits on the nails for five minutes (or eight minutes if using the original top coat), the soaked polish should be removed using an orangewood stick to avoid any damage to your nail.

The Shellac formula was created so that when acetone-based removers are applied, the coating actually breaks into tiny pieces and releases from the nail, allowing for an effortless removal. When applied and cured, tiny microscopic tunnels form throughout the coating and when it's time to remove, the acetone penetrates through these tiny tunnels, all the way to the base layer and then releases from the nail. This means no scraping and forcing the coating from the nails like other gel polishes, preserving the health and integrity of your nail underneath. It is important to know that the nail plate consists of layers of dead keratin–incorrect removal can damage the nail keratin through mechanical force such as prying or peeling, chipping it away, scratching it off, nail filing it off.

Soaking the remover wrap with the remover  placing the wrap on the nail and wrapping the fingertip  taking off Shellac after 10 minutes with a stick.

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