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Eyelash / eyebrow treatments in Villach



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Are you looking for a beauty salon specialised in eyelash / brow treatments in Villach?  


We offer lash extensions, eyelash lift / lamination; lash thickening; henna brows, brow keratin lamination, and much more.

1. Classic lash extensions (1:1 ratio / classic technique)

New set procedure: Lash cleansing → Placing eye pads → Brushing the eyelashes → Applying primer → Applying the eyelashes → Brushing the eyelashes.

Refills up to 2/3/4 weeks procedure: Lash cleansing → Placing eye pads → Brushing the eyelashes → Adjusting the length of the eyelashes → Applying primer → Applying the eyelashes → Brushing the eyelashes.

Applying eyelashes with 1:1 method is quite easy. As soon as a natural eyelash has been fixed, an artificial eyelash is selected from an eyelash storage case. It is dipped into the glue and then placed on the natural eyelash.


With the classic eyelash extensions, ONLY ONE EYELASH PER NATURAL EYELASH is used. The lashes used for the classic technique are slightly thicker than those used for volume lash extensions because only one artificial lash is applied to each natural lash. This allows to create a more natural look.

Klassische Wimpernverlängerung
3. Volume eyelash extensions (2D / 3D / 4D / 5D)

New set procedure: Lash cleansing → Placing eye pads → Brushing the eyelashes → Applying primer → Applying the eyelashes → Brushing the eyelashes.

Refills up to 2/3/4 weeks procedure: Lash cleansing → Placing eye pads → Brushing the eyelashes → Adjusting the length of the eyelashes → Applying primer → Applying the eyelashes → Brushing the eyelashes.

Volume lash extensions is a lash treatment that combines and applies TWO TO FIVE light, thin artificial eyelashes to one natural eyelash. 


The lashes are split up to give each natural lash more volume instead of just increasing their length. The weight of the volume eyelashes is usually lower than of the ones used for classic lash extensions. You can decide to have a combination of 2, 3, 4 or 5 eyelashes per one natural eyelash. With a maximum of 5 lashes, the total weight of each natural lash increases. If your eyelashes are very thin, you can only use the combination of 2 or 3 eyelashes.​​

Volumen Wimpernverlängerung
3. Mystery Lashes: Wimpernverlängerung mit Lichthärtung (1:1 und 2D - 9D Volumen)

Neu Set Ablauf: Wimpern reinigen → Augenpads aufkleben → Wimpern bürsten → Primer auftragen → Wimpern aufkleben → Wimpern bürsten.

Auffüllungen bis zu 2/3 oder 4 Wochen Ablauf: Wimpern reinigen → Augenpads aufkleben → Wimpern bürsten → Wimpernlänge anpassen → Primer auftragen → Wimpern aufkleben → Wimpern bürsten.

Mit der lichthärtenden Technik werden Reizungen und Rötungen weitestgehend vermieden. Die Verträglichkeit ist viel besser als mit herkömmlichen Wimpernkleber, was wir mit einer wissenschaftlichen Studie belegen können.


Saubere und präzise Wimpernverlängerung: Schluss mit Juckreiz und roten Augen direkt nach der Verlängerung. Schluss mit 24 Stunden nicht nass werden. Die Wimpernverlängerung wird gesünder und unabhängig von Faktoren wie Temperatur oder Luftfeuchtigkeit.

Es kommt ein Wimpernkleber zum Einsatz, der mit einem Photoinitiator ausgestattet ist. Wird dieser Stoff nun mit Licht einer gewissen Wellenlänge beleuchtet, dann findet eine sofortige und vollständige Aushärtung statt. Der Klebepunkt emittiert keine Dämpfe mehr und ist somit viel gesundheitsschonender für Kunden.

Wimpernverlängerung mit Lichthärtung ist sowohl für die 1zu1 Technik als auch für die Volumentechnik geeignet. Durch die sofortige und vollständige Aushärtung des Wimpernklebers ist auch ein Wasserkontakt unmittelbar nach der Behandlung möglich. Die Kundin hat keine Einschränkungen mehr in ihrer Freizeitgestaltung. Die Wimpernkleber Emissionen sind durch die Lichthärtung drastisch reduziert.

Lichthärtung WV
2. Eyelash thickening

New set procedure: Lash cleansing → Placing eye pads → Brushing the eyelashes → Applying primer → Applying the eyelashes → Brushing the eyelashes.

Refills up to 2/3/4 weeks procedure: Lash cleansing → Placing eye pads → Brushing the eyelashes → Adjusting the length of the eyelashes → Applying primer → Applying the eyelashes → Brushing the eyelashes.

There are different ways to visually thicken your eyelashes. The easiest and most famous way is, of course, eye makeup. However, if you are tired of wasting 10 minutes in front of the mirror every morning and evening, then you might want to consider our eyelash thickening treatment.


The eyelash thickening is a cosmetic treatment that provides THICKER EYELASHES and thus a voluminous eyelash line. The treatment makes the lash line look fuller. Individual artificial eyelashes are glued onto the natural eyelashes with a special eyelash adhesive. The length of the eyelashes is usually between 6 and 15 mm, the thickness varies between 0.15 and 0.2 mm. In order to achieve the most natural result possible, we select the eyelashes that are similar to your own.

If your eyelashes are too short, curved and too thin, you can easily fix these problems with an eyelash thickening treatment. We recommend eyelash thickening if you are satisfied with the length of your natural eyelashes but want to add more fullness. After the treatment, small gaps in the eyelash line will be filled, allowing you to stay without mascara for weeks. The eyelash thickening ensures an expressive look with thick, long, beautifully curved eyelashes.

4. Eyelash lift (Lash botox and keratin lamination)

Cleansing and brushing the eyelashes → Placing silicone pads on the eyelid → Fixing the eyelashes → Applying the first lotion to the eyelashes and leaving it on for a while → Removing the lotion → Applying the second lotion and leaving it on for a while → Removing the lotion → Removing the silicone pads → Tinting the eyelashes (on request) → Lash-Botox → Keratin lamination.

Eyelash lift will bend your eyelashes from the base to the tip so that you can see their entire length. The treatment begins with a consultation to determine what type of eyelash style you want to achieve. Based on your answers, we'll then select a suitable silicone pad size to shape the eyelashes.


Then we clean the eye area and place a silicone pad on the eyelids. The natural eyelashes are then attached to the pad with an adhesive to hold the eyelashes in place. Once it is ensured that everything is correctly positioned, a lift lotion is applied to help the lashes form around the silicone pad. Finally the eyelashes are covered with a lotion to set the shape of the lashes.

The results last for four to six weeks, depending on how fast your eyelashes grow. We recommend avoiding mascara for 48 hours after treatment and leaving your lashes untouched for a full day. Make-up or water should not come into contact with your eyelashes for 24 hours to ensure that the eyelash lift has worked properly. Then you can fully enjoy the results of the treatment.

The eyelash lifting treatment CONTAINS EYELASH BOTOX AND KERATIN-BOOST LAMINATION. It is a hydrolyzed keratin mask that strengthens and nourishes your natural eyelashes with argan oil, proteins, keratin and vitamins, making them thicker, fuller and longer.

5. Lash tinting

Cleansing the eyelashes → Placing eye pads → Brushing the eyelashes → Applying lash tint and leaving it on for a while → Removing the tint → Brushing the eyelashes.

Eyelash tint adds intensity to natural lashes, lifting them for a fan-like effect. Lash tint is a great alternative to mascara and lash extensions. This treatment will help you get bold, wide-open look for weeks without the help of mascara. 

Wimpern Färben
Augenbrauen Laminierung
6. Eyebrow lamination (lifting)

Cleansing and degreasing the eyebrows → Moistening the hairline with the water-soluble lifting adhesive → Placing the cling film tightly on an eyebrow and pulling it in the desired direction → Applying the first lotion → Covering with film and leaving it to work in → Removing the first lotion → Brushing the eyebrow → Applying the second lotion → Leaving it to work under the film → Removing the lotion → Removing the adhesive residue → Tinting with the desired color → Blowing-dry the eyebrows with a hand pump and the mascara brush → Keratin-Boost.

Eyebrow lamination is an eyebrow permanent wave treatment that corrects the shape of the eyebrows by fixing them in the desired direction with the help of A CHEMICAL SOLUTION.

The eyebrow lamination is done in two steps. First, a lotion is applied that loosens bonds in the eyebrow hair so that it can be brought into a new position. This is followed by a second lotion that rebuilds these bonds and brings them into their new position. If you have unruly, flat, or downward-growing hair, eyebrow lamination can change the direction of growth for a more even look with a higher arch and a more desirable eyebrow shape for up to 6 weeks.

Henna Brauen
7. Henna brows

Measuring the brows → Advising on color selection → Tinting → Shaping → Waxing → Final care.

When treated with henna, a dye is applied to the brows and skin to define the shape of the brow and fill in gaps. It's similar to traditional eyebrow tint, but it gives clearer results and lasts much longer.


Henna is a type of tint that stains the skin and leaves your brows tinted for up to 6 weeks. The tint on the skin can last anywhere from 2 to 10 days. Henna brows is a great treatment to shape your brows before you decide on more permanent options, or if you just want your eyebrows to be temporarily sculpted and filled.

The first step for henna brows is cleaning and degreasing. This is to ensure that your skin is totally clean and ready for the henna. After your eyebrows are clean, they will be measured and shaped - this is when we consider your personal preferences. The next step is to apply the white paste around your eyebrows, which acts as a barrier and gives you the sharp, defined lines of your new eyebrow shape. After applying the paste, it's finally time to use the henna. The henna needs to be pressed onto the skin so that it sits between your brow hair and gives you a fuller effect. Once applied evenly, henna will remain on the skin for about 10-20 minutes. Next, the henna is wiped off and your eyebrows are waxed, threaded, or plucked for a high-resolution effect.

Henna helps create strong, beautifully shaped eyebrows and camouflage gaps in plucked eyebrows or sparse eyebrow hair. Henna tints the skin and creates a 3D effect making the brows look thicker and well-defined.

Augenbrauen Faconieren

8. Grooming the eyebrows (brow plucking)

Cleansing the eyebrows → Brushing → Plucking → Disinfecting → Final care.

We'll start by brushing your eyebrows straight up. If longer hair comes out of your natural shape, we'll cut it off. An eyebrow brush is used to push the eyebrow hairs up, and then with small scissors we cut off the parts outside the shape. We use tweezers to remove too large hairs first and then the fine ones. The hairs are pulled in the direction in which they grow. If the skin becomes red or irritated, we apply soothing care with a cotton swab.

The eyebrow plucking treatment aims to remove unwanted hair from the already formed eyebrow line to create a flawless arch.

Augenbrauen Korrektur
9. Eyebrow shaping


Cleansing the eyebrows → Brushing → Measuring eyebrow shape → Shaping the eyebrows → Disinfecting → Applying soothing care.

Before we start shaping your eyebrows, we'll use a brow pencil to outline the desired shape. We'll experiment with the shape to see what looks best for you before we pick up a pair of tweezers. Once the desired shape has been drawn, we'll start plucking any hair that is outside the shape.

We avoid plucking too much above the eyebrow shape for a natural look. We'll brush the hairs in the direction of their growth. Then, we'll look for longer hair that protrudes beyond the intended shape and use small brow scissors to cut off the tips. We don't recommend plucking those long forehead hairs as this can lead to blotchy gaps. The goal is to have the beginning of the eyebrow and the center of the nostril line up. The arch should fall in the back third of the eye and the eyebrow should follow the length of the eye but not protrude into the temple area.

The treatment helps to achieve a well-groomed eyebrow line that enhances the overall look of your face. Regardless of your current eyebrow shape, you'll get beautiful and perfectly shaped brows that complement your face and make you more stylish.

Augenbrauen Färben
10. Brow tinting

Cleansing the eyebrows → Brushing → Applying tint and leaving it work for a while → Removing the tint → Brushing.

This eyebrow treatment applies a semi-permanent tint to the brows to shape and define the natural arches. The aim of tinting the eyebrows is to enhance your natural brows. A brow tint doesn't cover up sparse spots or gaps, but it does help define the hair that you have. Tinting is one of the fastest ways to achieve thicker, natural-looking eyebrows.

First we apply a base cream or petroleum jelly around your eyebrows to prevent tint from staining your skin. The semi-permanent tint is then mixed before it is applied to the eyebrows with a brush. One of the many possibilities is to mix the shade individually to get the perfect shade for you. The other way to get the right shade is to let the shade work for different periods of time. As a rule of thumb, you want your eyebrows to remain 1 or 2 shades lighter than your hair color. Eyebrows that are too dark can look a bit scary. After the exposure time, we carefully wipe the area with a cool, damp cloth and remove excess paint and protective cream from the area.

By tinting the eyebrows you get thicker, youthful-looking brows. It won't darken your brows (unless you want so). The treatment is more aimed at matching your natural color. Tinting your eyebrows changes the color of your brow hair semi-permanently, giving it a stronger pigment and a fuller look. Brow tinting gives modest eyebrows a fresh, bold look that lasts for several weeks.

11. Eyelash / eyebrow treatments contraindications

Contraindications that can prevent the treatment: conjunctivitis; blepharitis; viral infections; bruising in the treated area.

Wimpern. Pr.
12. Eyelash / eyebrow treatments + prices
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